Regain independence with hands-on rehabilitation therapy.

Our treatment programs help those with disabling orthopedic and neurological conditions to recover, maintain, or develop daily living skills. From using a computer to buttoning a dress shirt, our certified occupational therapists help patients learn how to compensate for permanent or temporary loss of functionality due to illness, injury, or surgery.

As occupational therapists in New York City, we possess the expertise to help patients improve their ability to perform a variety of tasks in their home and work environments. Our team is here to help patients overcome physical limitations, build strength, and return to a more productive lifestyle. Whatever the cause, whatever the physical need, we’re here to help.

Types of occupational therapy conducted at Hand + Physical Therapy NYC.

Using treatments and activities tailored to your specific challenges, as occupational therapists, we help our clients improve basic motor functions so they can achieve greater independence and lead more productive lives. 

Depending on each patient’s unique medical concerns, occupational therapy sessions at Hand + Physical Therapy NYC may involve a range of different therapies. Some of the more common occupational therapy treatments include:

  • Assessment of physical abilities for the home and work environments
  • Retraining or therapeutic intervention to improve independence in activities of daily living
  • Exercises and activities to improve mobility, dexterity, strength, sensory processing, range of motion, and endurance
  • Task modification recommendations
  • Assistive devices to increase independence

From overuse prevention tips to customized rehabilitation exercises and splint fabrication, our therapists work closely with your doctor to develop the most effective treatment plans to meet your specific needs.

In fact, our referring physicians are among the most respected orthopedic surgeons, hand surgeons, plastic surgeons, rheumatologists, and neurologists in New York City and the surrounding areas. Find out what makes Hand + Physical Therapy NYC so special.


We are licensed occupational therapists providing specialized, high-quality, professional rehabilitation services to patients with acute or chronic disorders. Book a consultation today.